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If you’re new to SEO, then we’re glad you’ve found our site. We hope to enlighten you and educate you about the industry as a whole so that you don’t make some of the same mistakes we’ve made. If you’re familiar with the industry or have outsourced your internet marketing functions in the past, then we’re almost certain you know the pitfalls of this very important industry. Make no mistake about it, SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising, and Social Media can help your online business in ways you may not even know to be imaginable. However, the industry is riddled with SEO firms that over-promise, under-deliver, use deceptive practices that can actually cause you to lose your rankings, and oftentimes fail to achieve a positive ROI for your investment. On top of that, there are numerous Ranking sites and other lead generation sites like ours that use deceptive marketing practices to promote SEO companies with deeper pockets rather than those companies that perform at the highest levels. Oh, and there are companies like ours that are run behind the scenes by SEO companies…so you can only imagine who they’ll be referring you to for help with your search engine optimization!

We want to make it very clear that there are some absolutely fantastic SEO companies out there that do a great job for clients. And internet marketing may be able to propel your business to new heights. However, there is generally so much fiction out there on the World Wide Web that we wanted to provide a place where you can actually find the truth.

SEO Help for the Small to Mid Sized Business Owner

Unlike other websites that offer helpful tips on the technical aspects of search engine optimization, we decided to provide a resource for understanding the industry on the whole – especially small to medium sized business owners. Usually, as a business owner, you have to wear many hats and don’t have near as much time in the day as you need. You may not have enough time to understand this industry in such a way that you can maximize your return on investment. This site is for you so that you can find truthful resources to not only make the best decision (outsourcing versus doing it yourself), but also to choose the best SEO company or DIY tool for your business.

After all, when you manage an employee you have to at least understand their job and have performance metrics in place to gauge whether or not their performing well. Same thing with using an outsourced SEO firm – you have to understand, at least in general terms, how things work in order to get the most from your partner.

Why Finding a Quality SEO Company is so Difficult

The truth is that SEO is big business. SEO firms charge from $200-$500 per month on the low side to $5,000 to $10,000+ on the high side. And the barriers to entry in this industry are extremely low – anyone with a computer and internet access can “claim” to be an expert. Add to these facts that there really isn’t any kind of regulatory institution that governs this industry, so companies can make any claims that they desire.

The 3 Most Important Takeaways Before Proceeding with SEO

After years of outsourcing with search engine optimization companies who failed to deliver on their promises, we wanted to inform you of the top three most important things you should know about the industry. First, the most important thing that you should takeaway after evaluating our site is that not every site is going to make it to the top. Sure, most SEO firms will promise you that they will get you page one rankings. However, in your particular line of business, there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of websites competing for top page rankings on Google. The simple reality is that only a handful of companies are going to achieve that success – which means you have to have a compelling reason to make it to the top. There has to be something about your company that stands out from the competition and give you a competitive advantage. And remember, no one knows what Google’s algorithm is for making it to the top – so no one can guarantee top page results.

The second most important takeaway is that the only way to achieve top rankings over the long haul is to do the right thing over an extended period of time. Surprise, surprise…the right thing to do is to listen to Google when they say to provide great content and obtain natural links over an extended period of time that are highly relevant links for the right reason rather than just to create a link for the sake of creating links! In fact, we find it extremely funny that most search engine optimization companies don’t even have links to the “Bible” of SEO…“Google’s own How To” for SEO.

Third, we hope that you takeaway from this site that you should be skeptical of any provider that you’re considering using. Again, we want to clarify that there are great companies out there that unfortunately get a bad name because of the industry on the whole. However, most companies out there will pretty much tell you what you want to hear so they can gain your business. Remember, if something seems too good to be true it usually is too good to be true. Use a healthy level of skepticism when making your decision.

Finally a Place You Can Trust for SEO Resources

Sometimes in life our greatest difficulties bring about some of our greatest triumphs. We hope that this site becomes that triumph for us, because we certainly saw huge devastation with one of our websites that we outsourced with a number of SEO companies. From lofty promises that were never met, to spending nearly $150,000, to losing all of our rankings, we’ve felt the pain of using the wrong SEO firms. That’s truly the spirit behind our site – we don’t want you to feel the pain that we felt. And most of the pain could have been avoided if we learned more about the industry and the pitfalls to avoid. Read more about our personal horror story of SEO.

The Only Lead Gen or Ranking Site on the Web That Truly Screens Vendors and is Unbiased

We know…this is quite a significant claim that we’re making. However, we’re fairly certain that this is an absolute “fact.” How can we be so sure? The reason is that we’ve investigated the other Lead Generation websites and Ranking websites that operate in our space and found everything from lead generation sites that will accept any SEO company despite reputation or performance to Ranking sites that “claim” they’ve uncovered the top 50 ranked SEO companies when the reality is that they were the 50 companies that decided to pay them the most money! And we’ve also seen SEO companies that have decided to open these kinds of websites, completely deceiving you as the consumer! Enough is enough…isn’t it? We can’t stand by the sidelines watching this kind of deception, knowing that innocent companies like yours could be the next victim.

That’s why we truly do “screen” our companies. Take a look at our screening process to get a better idea of how our system works. We only get paid a small per lead fee every time we introduce you to a participating vendor. We don’t get a commission or any other revenue stream from SEO companies. We’ve only decided to work with the best of the best – meaning that they have to consistently perform well for their clients, offer complete transparency, deliver on their promises, offer fair pricing, and perform above the board practices that won’t put your rankings in jeopardy.

Maybe Outsourcing Isn’t the Best Option for You

We know that for some, SEO is just too important to outsource. In case that’s you, we wanted to provide some resources that we’ve found to be “top notch”, so that you can succeed in performing your own internet marketing functions. Take a look at some of these DIY resources, and feel free to browse our site for more information on the SEO industry at large. We hope you find this information helpful. And we’re sincerely optimistic that you won’t get burned by the SEO industry, but rather find great success for your website and business on the whole.