Find Out the Truth About SEO

Learning Some Basic Rules Can Save Your Company From a Disaster

Because there is so much deception out there regarding SEO, we wanted to provide small to mid size businesses with some helpful tips to look out for when deciding to either invest in SEO or use an outsourced provider. Here are the top five misleading claims and the truth behind each claim.

  1. False Claim #1: You Can Get Guaranteed Top Results. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Nobody knows Google’s and other search engines algorithms for how they determine ranking. Therefore, no one can guarantee you top results. Furthermore, there are only a certain amount of top results. Therefore, to truly get to the top for the long haul, you have to be able to adequately differentiate yourself from the competition. This means that, for some reason, you truly have to be better than your competitors and have a compelling reason to be ranked.
  2. False Claim #2: Everyone Can Benefit from SEO. This isn’t always true in every case. Depending upon how much it costs you to perform the SEO services or outsource, and depending upon which keywords you’re looking to capitalize on, it may be extremely expensive to get to the top, and take years of hard work. For some, this just isn’t possible. Regardless, most companies won’t be honest enough to tell you that they can’t help you.
  3. False Claim #3: Leave SEO to the Experts. This is a dangerous claim on many levels. First, if you don’t know enough about SEO, how can you effectively manage an outsourced firm? Second, you may find that SEO is so important to your business that you can’t afford not to do it yourself. In this case, it’s good to know that, while time consuming to learn and imiplement, SEO isn’t rocket science. It can be learned and executed internally.
  4. False Claim #4: Ranking Sites Say This SEO Firm is the Best, So Should Use Them. Did you know that most “ranking” sites give the top rank to companies that give them the most money? It’s sad, but true. Unfortunately, we’re yet to find a “ranking” site or other lead generation site that is not only unbiased but also strict on their screening process of vendors.
  5. False Claim #5: If You Get a Top Ranking Your Business Will Explode. The simple truth is that a top ranking doesn’t always bring a corresponding increase in revenue. In fact, some top rankings may not provide much additional revenue for your company at all. This is why it’s not only important to test using PPC data first, but also to perform an adequate ROI analysis on whether or not SEO is right from your company.