Find the Best SEO for Your Los Angeles Company

Search Engine OptimizationYour Los Angles company needs a REPUTABLE SEO Company that will play by Google's rules and will offer great pricing. Far too many SEO Firms over-promise, under-deliver, charge unfairly, and put your site in jeopardy by using shortcuts. Don't put your company at risk. Our rigorous screening process weeds out the bad firms.

What's the Price of Choosing the Wrong SEO?

Simply put, the price that you'll pay for choosing the wrong SEO firm could either be large sums of money down the drain or, even worse, loss of all organic rankings. Outsourced SEO consulting costs from $500 per month on the low side to well over $5,000 per month on the high side. The costs of service add up quickly, and if you choose the wrong provider you may never see return on investment because:
  • Most SEO's don't perform ROI analysis to determine the revenue needed to cover SEO costs
  • SEO's may mistakenly target the wrong keywords
  • Your website itself may not be optimized for conversions
  • Ranking for keywords may not translate into the anticipated level of sales
  • And the list goes on...
And if you're like our company or countless others, you could end up losing all of your rankings due to short sighted tactics aimed at manipulating ranks instead of adhering to the rules and sound practices recommended by Google. Bad tactics include:
  • Over-optimizing your website
  • Linking to low quality websites simply for the sake of gaining a link
  • Over-optimizing your anchor text for links
  • And countless other sketchy practices...

The SEO Industry is Plagued With Deception

It's not bad enough that many SEO vendors aren't as honest as necessary - hoping to sign you up for long term contacts where they get paid a healthy payment each month. On top of that, there are numerous "SEO Ranking" sites and other sites like ours that claim to connect you with Top, High Quality SEO companies. Why is this stretching the truth, you ask?
  • Most of the "Ranking" sites give the #1 ranking to the company that pays them the most!
  • Most of these sites don't have any sort of "real" screening
  • And our favorite...many of these sites are run guessed it, SEO Firms!

We're the Only Site of Its Kind that Truly Screens Companies and Remains Unbiased

We put each SEO firm that contacts our site through a rigorous screening process that consists of 4 main points.
  1. Initial Interview and Application - We talk to every SEO and collect all sorts of information about them to help us determine if they'll do a good job for you. This information includes how long they've been in business, how much work they do in house versus outsourcing, what their standards of procedure are for performing for clients, and many others.
  2. Independent Research - We then go to the web and other places to try and find any dirt that would lead us to believe that they're less than stellar. Now, granted, we understand that nobody's perfect, but we're looking for signs of a strong track record of success.
  3. Reference Check - We talk to their clients to get a first hand perspective of the level of service delivered. And we ask tough questions to try and find out how the SEO responds to adversity.
  4. Pledge - We ask each participating SEO for a "word of honor," that they be honest in communication and provide open feedback to all prospects we send their way. We want to work with companies that will do a good job for you, and that starts with being open, honest, and have a great channel of communication. Of course, there's no way to guarantee success, but we feel that taking these steps will not only scare away the lower performing firms, but also raise the bar for those that do a great job.
And by the way, we're not an SEO company and we don't favor any of the firms we work with.

And There's No Fee For You to Use Our Service

It doesn’t cost you anything to get connected with vendors. In fact, we only charge a small per lead fee to vendors when we make the introduction – so you don’t have to worry about commissions or anything that will impact your pricing.

Why Do We Do It?

We created this site because, like many others, we fell victim to the false promises, costly service, and ultimate loss of rankings on a number of occasions. Having tried out multiple SEO firms, we have a great vantage point on helping others. We wanted to do something to help make sure that others don't get taken advantage of in the future. The good news? There are great firms out there. You just have to know what to look for. We can help get you there!

Last Step

For 7 Years We've Been Helping Companies Just Like Yours

Your contact information is held in the strictest of confidence. We will contact you before we connect you with vendors so that we can learn about your situation, obtain any of your contact preferences, and answer any of your questions. YOU have control over your contact details:
  • No unwanted contacts - you control how vendors respond to you
  • Remain confidential if you wish
  • No commitment to choose any of our vendors
  • Ask our SEO experts any questions you have!