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We're the Only Ranking or Lead Gen Site that Truly Screens SEO Companies

Be very careful what you read on the web. When it comes to claims that SEO companies make, most  of it is absolutely untrue.

We felt the very real pain of this truth when, over a couple year period, we believed the hype on SEO websites and invested over $100,000 – only to not get any true return on our investment and ultimately losing all of the rankings that we finally achieved. Most companies are going to tell you everything that you want to hear, in an attempt to win your business. We’ve had enough with the lies from both SEO companies as well as ranking and other lead generation sites – deceiving you of the truth by telling you that they’re connecting you with top firms when in reality it’s the firms willing to pay the greatest amount of money (or an actual SEO company is running the site!).

We’re Truly Unbiased and Hand Pick the Best Firms and DIY Tools

First and foremost, we want to make it extremely clear that we’re not at all associated with ANY SEO firm! We are truly objective, putting each SEO vendor in our platform through the same process and remaining completely unbiased about the screening. Furthermore, we don’t get commission from any SEO companies. We simply receive a small per lead fee when we introduce you to them. We’ve found that this is the cleanest way to remain unbiased and truly connect you with the best companies. Let me say it again…we don’t allow SEO companies to “pay” us for results or inclusion in our service! They have to earn a spot on our service…and most DON’T!

How the Process Works

Most Lead Generation Sites or Ranking Sites screen SEO firms by asking them how much they’re willing to pay them to receive leads or receive a number one ranking. We’re thoroughly disgusted by these practices. That’s why we put our vendors through the ringers. We have a 5 point screening process that helps us identify the best of the best companies:

  1. Initial Interview: We ask SEO companies an exhaustive series of questions and request that they complete an application to become a member of our program. These questions range from level of experience, use of outside versus internal resources, retention percentage of clients on a yearly basis, return on investment for clients, among many others.
  2. Independent Research: We scour the web for information about these companies. Did they get bad reviews? Are they in good standing with the Better Business Bureau? We’re trying to find the good, the bad and the ugly about each company so that we can weed out the bad firms that will cause you nothing but trouble.
  3. Financial Stability Analysis: We run a credit check on each firm, attempting to gauge the financial stability of the firm.
  4. Engagement with Their Clients: We speak with their customers in order to get insights into how they perform for their customers. And we’re not just asking them what they like about the SEO company, but also areas that they SEO firm can enhance and improve so that we can get a true picture.
  5. Guarantees: We require each of our vendors to tell us the truth in the application, and to adhere to a standard of performance, which includes telling you the truth about your chances, informing you of the potential ROI, and properly educating you about baseline information so you are “in the know.”