How Do SEO Companies Charge?

Ever wonder how SEO companies, the growing trend in online marketing, make their money?  Are you looking for a straight answer?

How do Search Engine Optimization companies charge?

  • Some charge on a “pay-per-hit” basis, noting site visitor totals when they begin working on a site, then charging $X per visitor as site traffic increases.
  • Others have charged by top rankings achieved.
  • Some base their fees on how competitive your keywords are.
  • Others offer “packages” of various sizes, each covering a range of services. Charging an hourly fee.

SEO charges can be deceptive.  Large SEO companies usually have large overhead costs and therefore pad your charges to cover those costs. Without guaranteed results, businesses will pour tons of money into approaches that they hope will work while basically ignoring the power of the search ranking. All clients should agree to any costs before entering in an agreement with an SEO firm.

Well planned strategic SEO will help achieve your goals and achieve a positive return on investment. When choosing an SEO company, focus on the results and match that to the price.  Compared to the cost of traditional advertising, search engine optimization is the most cost-effective marketing.  You can usually re-allocate misused advertising dollars and invest them in SEO. But take great care when comparing companies.

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