Why Do SEO Companies Charge a Monthly Fee?

Why do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Companies charge a monthly fee instead of a one time fee?

The main reason SEO Companies should charge a monthly fee is search engine optimization needs to be an ongoing commitment to help generate leads and build your business. Continuous effort to maintain the website’s visibilty for search engines after the initial optimization while improving customer experience is required.

One Time Fees Imply One Time Work

Usually, when you pay a company a one time fee, it’s in exchange for a one time service. In the case of SEO, there is definitely an up front service performed – combing through your website and modifying it to be search engine friendly as well as modifying page content to conform to the rules of Google and other search engines. But the work doesn’t stop there. In fact, it can take a great deal of time and effort to get your site to rank highly for various search keywords.

SEO is an Ongoing Effort

SEO Companies need to utilize the data collected from prospective clients to keep your website updated with original content. After your site is initially optimized and the SEO company has done research into the competitive landscape to create a strategy for your website, there are 3 key ongoing steps to be performed monthly.

  1. Keyword research also ensures the updates help your clients find what they are searching for.
  2. Building links is an ongoing process that involves locating quality websites with similar subject matter then negotiating and maintaining links to bring in clients and increase seach engine references.
  3. Creating fresh content both in terms of new pages and blog articles helps you target additional keyword areas and builds up the inherent trust and page rank of your site.

SEO is Worth the Effort

Search engine optimization isn’t a one-size-fits-all investment. Maintaining a search engine presence requires a monthly marketing commitment, but the dividends are evident in this growing, fast-paced e-commerce society. Once rankings have been achieved, the overall profitability of your company can be enhanced significantly. Unfortunately, SEO isn’t a one time event, but if you stick with it over the long haul you could see your business transform dramatically.

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